4G/3G Modem Support

modem carrierPeplink Balance and Pepwave MAX routers support the modems listed below. If your modem isn’t listed, please contact us to inquire about a driver. More information

Modem Manufacturer
Known Compatible Carrier
MF656ZTE3G1&1 (Germany)
MF60ZTE3G3 (Austria)
MF680ZTE3G3 (Italy) | Movistar (Spain)
One Touch L800ZAlcatel4G LTE, 3G3 (UK)
MF193ZTE3GMovistar (Colombia)
E303CHuawei3GMovistar (Mexico)
E303Huawei3G8ta (South Africa)
301USBVKOM3G8ta (South Africa)
EC168Huawei3GAlltel (US)
AT&T USBConnect TurboLG3GAT&T (US)
MiFi LiberateNovatel4G LTE, 3GAT&T (US)
GI 461Option3GAT&T (US)
AirCard 340USierra Wireless4G LTE, 3GAT&T (US)
AirCard 881USierra Wireless3GAT&T (US)
AT&T Mobile Hotspot Elevate 4GSierra Wireless4G LTE, 3GAT&T (US)
AT&T USBConnect Momentum 4GSierra Wireless4G LTE, 3GAT&T (US)
Compass 885Sierra Wireless3GAT&T (US)
ShockwaveSierra Wireless3GAT&T (US)
USB 305Sierra Wireless3GAT&T (US)
AirCard 313USierra Wireless4G LTE, 3GAT&T (US) | Rogers (Canada)
USB 308Sierra Wireless3GAT&T (US) | Wind (Italy)
Ovation MC679Novatel4G LTE, 3GBell (Canada)
U547Novatel3GBell (Canada)
U679Novatel4G LTE, 3GBell (Canada)
U998DNovatel3GBell (Canada)
MF622ZTE3GBrasil Telecom (Brazil)
MF636ZTE3GBrasil Telecom (Brazil)
EC226Huawei3GCAT (Thailand)
E355Huawei3GCelcom (Malaysia)
MF190ZTE3GCelcom (Malaysia) | Cell C (South Africa)
MA260TP-Link3GCelcom (Malaysia)
ASB T960Alcatel3GChina Mobile (China)
T5300Longsung3GChina Mobile (China)
A351+ZTE3GChina Mobile (China)
A371ZTE3GChina Mobile (China)
A371BZTE3GChina Mobile (China)
M305ZTE3GChina Mobile (China)
MF820S2ZTE4G LTE, 3GChina Mobile (China)
EC1260Huawei3GChina Telecom (China)
C5300Longsung3GChina Telecom (China)
AC582ZTE3GChina Telecom (China)
MC2716ZTE3GChina Telecom (China)
E261Huawei3GChina Unicom (China)
EM820WHuawei3GChina Unicom (China)
E3276s-861Huawei4G LTE, 3GChina Unicom (China)
AD3812_V2ZTE3GChina Unicom (China)
E173Huawei3GChunghwa Telecom (Taiwan) | Hamrahe Aval (Iran) | MTN (Iran) | Claro (Brazil)
DWM-156D-Link3GClaro (Brazil)
E1553Huawei3GClaro (Brazil)
MD300Sony Ericsson3GClaro (Brazil)
D301 3.5G (HSDPA) USB ModemTRAVELLER3GClaro (Brazil)
MF645ZTE3GClaro (Brazil)
MF626ZTE3GClaro (Guatemala)
AirCard W801Sierra Wireless3GClear (US)
Clear Stick AtlasUbee4G WiMAX, 3GClear (US)
AL621ZTE4G LTE, 3GCSL (Hong Kong)
MF820ZTE4G LTE, 3GCSL (Hong Kong)
MF821ZTE4G LTE, 3GCSL (Hong Kong)
DWM-157D-Link3GCSL (Hong Kong)
MF668ZTE3GCSL (Hong Kong) | Cell (South Africa)
USB 306Sierra Wireless3GCSL (Hong Kong) | Telus (Canada)
E368Huawei4G LTE, 3GDeutsche Telekom (Germany)
E398Huawei4G LTE, 3GDeutsche Telekom (Germany)
E156GHuawei3GDialog (Sri Lanka)
E272Huawei3GDialog (Sri Lanka)
K3806-ZZTE3GDialog (Sri Lanka)
E1550Huawei3GDigi (Malaysia) | MTN (South Africa)
DWM-156D-Link3GEtisalat (United Arab Emirates)
Docomo L-05AFOMA3Gdocomo (Japan)
L02CLG4G LTE, 3Gdocomo (Japan)
L03DLG3Gdocomo (Japan)
L08CLG3Gdocomo (Japan)
BandLuxe C330BandRich3GDocomo Pacific (Guam)
E1552Huawei3Gdtac (Thailand)
GD01Huawei3GEmobile (Japan)
MF667ZTE3GGlobacom (Nigeria)
BandLuxe C331BandRich3GGo Mobile (Malta)
MiFi2372Novatel3GGCI (US)
U90AnyDATA3Gice.net (Norway)
EC306 EVDO Rev. BHuawei3GIntertelecom (Ukraine)
EC156Huawei3GINWI (Morocco)
MBD-200HUMobiData3GIusacell (Mexico)
DG-BA3370DIGISOL3GIdea (india)
DATA07Huawei3GKDDI au (Japan)
USB STICK LTE HWD12Huawei4G LTE, 3GKDDI au (Japan)
CNU-680C-motech3GKõu (Estonia)
MF190ZTE3GLeo (Namibia) | One2Free (Hong Kong)
PHS600PROLiNK3GM1 (Singapore)
WM-66BM3GMaxis (Malaysia)
MF668AZTE3GMobily (Saudi Arabia)
E353sHuawei3GMTN (South Africa)
MF190SZTE3GNatcon (Haiti)
CS-15Nokia3GO2 (Germany)
X230DAlcatel3GO2 (UK)
E156CHuawei3Goi (Brazil)
E5331Huawei4G LTE, 3Gooredoo (Qatar)
MF91DZTE4G LTE, 3GQatarnet (Qatar)
AC2790ZTE3Goptcl (Pakistan)
E3276Huawei4G LTE, 3GOptus (Australia) | Cell C (South Africa) | Vivo (Brazil) | China Telecom (China) | Megafon (Russia) | M1
E3331Huawei3GMegaFon (Russia)
E173Huawei3GOrange (France)
ONE TOUCH X220DAlcatel3GOrange (Israel)
ONE TOUCH X220SAlcatel3GOrange (Israel) | Vodafone (Italy)
MF192ZTE3GOrange (Ivory Coast)
E160EHuawei3GOrange (UK)
MF636DBZTE4G LTE, 3GOrange (UK)
E180Huawei3GPCCW (Hong Kong)
E270Huawei3GPCCW (Hong Kong) | Three (Italy)
E1752Huawei3GPhonero (Norway)
MV241Axesstel3GPTCI (US)
AR910BZTE3GPTCL (Pakistan)
AC2726ZTE3GReliance (India)
UMG1831Huawei3GReliance (India)
E1820Huawei3GReliance (India)
CS-18Nokia3GRogers (Canada)
950DNovatel3GRogers (Canada)
AirCard 330USierra Wireless3GRogers (Canada)
ADU-510LAnyDATA3GRomtelecom (Romania)
Ovation MC547Novatel3GSaskTel (Canada)
CHU628SC-motech3GSK Telecom (South Korea)
ADU-520AAnyDATA3GSkylink (Russia)
E353Huawei3GSmart (Philippines) | MTN (South Africa)
K3715Huawei3GSmartone (Hong Kong)
E392Huawei4G LTE, 3GSmartone (Hong Kong) | Claro (Brazil)
K4505Huawei3GSmartone (Hong Kong) | Vodafone (UK)
8830Blackberry3GSprint (US)
U300Franklin Wireless3GSprint (US)
U301Franklin Wireless3GSprint (US)
U600Franklin Wireless4G WiMAX, 3GSprint (US)
U602Franklin Wireless4G WiMAX, 3GSprint (US)
U770Franklin Wireless4G LTE, 4G WiMAX, 3GSprint (US)
AirCard 250USierra Wireless4G WiMAX, 3GSprint (US)
AirCard 341USierra Wireless4G LTE, 3GSprint (US)
Compass 597 USBSierra Wireless3GSprint (US)
USB 595Sierra Wireless3GSprint (US)
MiFi4082Novatel4G, 3GSprint (US)
MiFi 2200Novatel3GSprint (US) | Verizon (US)
USB720 / ES720Novatel3GSprint (US) | Verizon (US)
USB727Novatel3GSprint (US) | Verizon (US)
USB760Novatel3GSprint (US) | Verizon (US)
EC168CHuawei3GStarcomms (Nigeria)
BandLuxe C270BandRich3GSTC (Saudi Arabia)
U210Franklin Wireless3GStrata Networks (US)
E220Huawei3GSun Cellular (Philippines) | Cosmote (Greece) | Tele2 (Sweden) | Orange (Botswana)
E122Huawei3GT-Mobile (Netherlands)
E352Huawei3GT-Mobile (Netherlands)
E3131Huawei3GT-Mobile (UK) | Optus (Australia)
1K3MAlcatel4G LTE, 3GT-Mobile (UK)
UMG 1691Huawei3GT-mobile (US)
iCON 452Option3GT-mobile (US)
MF591ZTE3GT-Mobile (US)
MF683 (T-Mobile Rocket 4G)ZTE4G LTE, 3GT-mobile (US)
Rocket 2.0 HSPA+ZTE3GT-mobile (US)
T-Mobile Rocket 2.0ZTE3GT-Mobile (US)
CS-11Nokia3GTelcel (Mexico)
AC5710ZTE3GTelekom (Malaysia)
MA180TP-Link3GTelkomsel (Indonesia)
GI 0401Option3GTella (Sweden)
USB3-8521Maxon3GTelstra (Australia)
AirCard 312USierra Wireless3GTelstra (Australia)
AirCard 320USierra Wireless3GTelstra (Australia)
MF821ZTE3GTelstra (Australia)
E397Huawei4G LTE, 3GTelus (Canada)
E182EHuawei3GTelus (Canada) | Turkcell (Turkey)
8707GBlackberry3GThree (Hong Kong)
E176GHuawei3GThree (Hong Kong) | Starhub (Singapore)
MD-@HSUPAHuawei3GThree (Italy)
E169Huawei3GThree (Italy) | Three (UK) | Chunghwa Telecom (Taiwan)
E1820Huawei3GThree (Italy) | Mobily (Saudi Arabia) | Cell (South Africa)
E367Huawei3GThree (UK)
E1756Huawei3GTIM (Brazil)
E226Huawei3GTIM (Brazil)
Olicard 155Olivetti3GTIM (Brazil)
Olicard 160Olivetti3GTIM (Brazil)
MSA 14.4Onda3GTIM (Brazil)
MF190ZTE3GTIM (Brazil)
E1692Huawei3GTIM (Italy)
MT191UPOnda3GTIM (Italy)
MT512HSOnda3GTIM (Italy)
MT8205Onda4G LTE, 3GTIM (Italy)
MT825UPOnda3GTIM (Italy)
MT835UPOnda3GTIM (Italy)
U310Franklin Wireless4G WiMAXTSTT (Trinidad and Tobago)
E372Huawei3GTurkcell (Turkey)
K3773Huawei3GTurkcell (Turkey)
C888Sierra Wireless3GTurkcell (Turkey)
MiFi 4510LNovatel4G LTE, 3GVerizon (US)
MiFi 4620LNovatel4G LTE, 3GVerizon (US)
MiFi 5510LNovatel4G LTE, 3GVerizon (US)
USB551LNovatel4G LTE, 3GVerizon (US)
UM150Pantech / UTStarcom3GVerizon (US)
UM175Pantech / UTStarcom3GVerizon (US)
UML290Pantech / UTStarcom4G LTE, 3GVerizon (US)
UML295Pantech / UTStarcom4G LTE, 3GVerizon (US)
UMW190Pantech / UTStarcom3GVerizon (US)
MHS291LVWPantech / UTStarcom4G LTE, 3GVerizon (US)
Ovation MC760Novatel3GVirgin Mobile (US)
E367Huawei3GVIVA (Kuwait)
E156Huawei3Gvivo (Brazil)
CS-11Nokia3Gvivo (Brazil)
MF110ZTE3Gvivo (Brazil)
K4511Huawei3GVodacom (Ireland)
E5776Huawei4G LTE, 3GVodacom (South Africa)
K4305Huawei3GVodacom (South Africa)
K4605Huawei3GVodacom (South Africa)
300USBVictory3GVodacom (South Africa)
301USBVictory3GVodacom (South Africa)
K3520-ZZTE3GVodacom (South Africa)
K3772-ZZTE3GVodacom (South Africa)
K3805-zZTE3GVodacom (South Africa)
K4510-ZZTE3GVodacom (South Africa)
K5006-ZZTE4G LTE, 3GVodacom (South Africa)
303USBVKOM3GVodacom (South Africa) | Cell C (South Africa)
K3570-ZZTE3GVodacom (Tanzania)
K3771Huawei3GVodafone (Australia)
K3765Huawei3GVodafone (Hong Kong)
K3770-ZZTE3GVodafone (India)
K3800ZTE3GVodafone (India)
K4501Huawei3GVodafone (Italy)
K4505-ZZTE3GVodafone (Italy)
K3765-ZZTE3GVodafone (Malta)
R212 MiFiZTE4GVodafone (Ireland)
K3772Huawei3GVodafone (Portugal)
K3765Huawei3GVodafone (Turkey)
K3770Huawei3GVodafone (UK)
CS-17Nokia3GVodafone (UK)
K3760Option3GVodafone (UK)
K4201Huawei3GVodafone (UK)
K5150Huawei4G LTE, 3GVodafone (UK)
K4203Huawei4G LTE, 3GVodafone (UK)
ONE TOUCH X200Alcatel3GWind (Italy)
GoYes4G WiMAX, 3GYTL (Malaysia)
E372Huawei3GZain (Jordan)
MF633ZTE3GZain (Saudi Arabia)
E372Huawei3GVideotron (Canada)
E372Huawei3GT-Mobile (USA)
LUU-2110TILG3GTNM (Portugal)
E3276Huawei4G LTE, 3GMTS-Mobile TeleSystem (Russia)
K4021ZTE3GESSAR Cellphone (India)
FWM-156 A6D-Link3GStarHub
K4201-ZZTE4G LTE, 3G
209Qualcom3GXL Axiata Tbk
PHS600ZTE3GPT Hutchison

Need Assistance with your Modem?

Modem is listed but it keeps Connecting…

There are many reasons for a looping connection. For example:

  • Your data plan is used up.
  • Your username/APN is not correct.
    Click here to find out how to change APN settings.
  • The mobile Internet provider is having an outage.

If you still have problem with your modem, please contact us.

30-Day Return Guarantee

All Peplink Balance / Pepwave MAX models are protected by our 30-Day Return Guarantee policy. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it to us. (Policy Details)

System Integrator? Service Provider?

Peplink and Pepwave devices are perfect for remote area projects and for bundling with 4G/3G services. Contact us and our engineers can build new drivers for your devices with priority.

Modem Not Supported?

Our engineers will assist you in getting the modem to work through accessing your unit with our Remote Assistance Service. Please follow the steps below: 

    1. Keep the unit Power ON.
    2. Keep the USB Modem plugged into the unit. Make sure this is the only modem connected.
    3. Connect to the Internet by plugging in a stable, wired Ethernet link to a WAN port.
    4. Turn on Remote Assistance.
    5. If you have placed a firewall in front of the device, configure your firewall to allow the device to connect to the host ra.peplink.com. modem_not_supported
    6. Submit a support ticket with the following information:

- Serial Number of your device
- Name of your 4G LTE/3G Service Provider
- APN, username and password, if any
- SIM PIN, if your SIM card is SIM lock-ed