Unbreakable SD-WAN for Public Safety

Need to Do More with Your Mobile Network?

From HD video streaming to remote access to resources from headquarters: modern technology offers a wide range of useful tools for today’s first responders. However, the limited bandwidth and coverage of single LTE connections has become a bottleneck in making these tools reliable. We’re here to alleviate this bottleneck with SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding.

SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding

SpeedFusion takes multiple LTE links and combines them into a single connection that is ultra-fast, ultra-resilient, and has the greatest possible coverage.

SpeedFusion LTE bonding

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This technology brings a number of key benefits for mobile deployments:

Combining Private and Public LTE

Extending the Reach of TETRA, NXDN, and DMR 2-Way Radios

Enabling Multisite IP Deployments

Previously, 2-way radios only worked with other radios that were connected to the same repeater. By forming SpeedFusion tunnels between headquarters and each remote site, they become a single network. This enables 2-way radios to communicate with other sites and headquarters as if they were connected to the same repeater

SpeedFusion TETRA, NXDN, DMR extending reach

More Bandwidth for New Applications

Traditionally, 2-way radios were the main form of communications for first responders. With SpeedFusion, the 2-way radio line can be supplemented by LTE connections, adding more bandwidth to the network. This extra bandwidth gives first responders access to more crucial information at their fingertips such as video streams, operation manuals, and site information.

SpeedFusion enables new applications for TETRA, NXDN, DMR

Make it Happen with MAX Cellular Routers

In conjunction with a Peplink router at headquarters, Pepwave multi-cellular routers can combine commercial LTE, public safety LTE, and radio networks. We have a wide range of models to suit every deployment. Whether you need 2x cellular, 4x cellular, or outdoor cellular, we’ve got you covered.

MAX routers enable Cellular SpeedFusion

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