Social Wi-Fi Hotspot

Grow your business by enhancing your visitors’ experience with free, no fuss Wi-Fi access. Using Peplink’s Social Wi-Fi with Facebook Login, you don’t just give free Internet – you get something back in return.

Let your visitors sign in easily using their Facebook account. Drive engagement by offering special deals. Social Wi-Fi with Facebook Login is fully customizable and will display important information about your business’s Facebook company page.

Peplink Social Wi-Fi currently supports the following social media and Internet account login methods: Facebook, Instagram, Google ID, LinkedIn, Twitter and Sina Weibo.

No social media account? No problem. Peplink Social Wi-Fi Hotspot also accepts email addresses as a login method. Visitors are given an Internet access grace period of your choosing just so they can receive an email for verification with the hotspot.

Peplink Social Wi-Fi also supports the following login methods: Open Access, Guest Account, Token Access and SMS via Twilio.

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InControl 2 gives you the freedom to decide whether you want to give Facebook Login as a choice and how your visitors stay connected. Whether it’s time-based, usage based- you’ll find it here. It’s as simple as a few clicks and it’s all web-based so you can manage everything no matter where you are.

Easy Portal Customization: Enter your Facebook profile, and InControl will customize your portal.

Set Time and Bandwidth Limits: Determine how many minutes and how much data each user could access your Wi-Fi for.

Multilingual Support: Enter text in a different language, then enable your guests to choose their language.

Portal Page Customization: Specify which text and images to use for each design element.


Social Wi-Fi Hotspot requires an InControl 2 subscription to function.

Social Wi-Fi Hotspot requires Firmware 6.2.1 and above, or AP Firmware 3.5.2 and above.

The Social Wi-Fi Hotspot feature is available for all Wi-Fi enabled devices:

  • All Balance Models
  • All MAX Models
  • All MediaFast Models
  • All AP Models
Learn How to Setup a Social Wi-Fi Hotspot