Long Distance Ethernet Cable

PepVPN. WAN Power. Made LAN Simple.

Doing business in multiple buildings around town? In several cities? Across continents?

Ever wish you could just run an Ethernet cable between your sites to connect them to the network?

Now you can. Virtually. Securely. At blazing speeds. PepVPN with SpeedFusion technology makes encrypted, rock-solid, and fast site-to-site private networking easy – just like traditional Ethernet networking.


Ethernet-easy WAN.

Unlike traditional WAN technologies, PepVPN works with any IP connection, sets up in minutes, and requires almost no maintenance. It connects sites, even sites separated by oceans, with a lightning-quick, 256-bit AES-encrypted tunnel. And it’s 100% compatible with all your Peplink/Pepwave devices.


PepVPN is so fast, easy, and simple to deploy and maintain, it’s like having everyone on the same LAN, connected by Ethernet cables. Without the 100-meter limitation. In fact, there are no limits at all with PepVPN, so go ahead and do business anywhere – across town, throughout the country, around the globe.

Or on Mars, if your business takes you there. Like we said, there are no limits.

Learn More about Wide Area Networking without Limits.

To find out more about PepVPN, the virtual Ethernet cable without limits, contact your Peplink/Pepwave representative today.