Ad Delivery Service

Ready to Make Free Wi-Fi Work for You?

People today expect free Wi-Fi in public venues. But what are the benefits for businesses? Free Wi-Fi helps you increase traffic and build loyalty. Better yet, it’s a great opportunity to earn revenue and learn more about your users. With the Ad Delivery Service, you can place advertisements before users connect to your Wi-Fi. You can show them a banner carousel, where they will stay for 10 seconds before connecting. You can also show them a video that they will watch before connecting.

Engagement Insights
Location Based Ads

Wi-Fi Hotspot Advertising Software #2



Engagement Insights


Get detailed impression and click information on ad response. You’ll see the viewer’s SSID, language, GPS location, operating system, and browser.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Advertising Software #3



Location Based Ads


Choose to show specific ads at a specific location. The geolocation feature is useful for many businesses, especially transportation hotspots.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Advertising Software #4



Complete Control


Easily control each ad’s weight relative to others, set start dates, end dates, and target impressions and/or clicks.​

Manage all your campaigns — across multiple devices — from a single browser window. Ad Server’s simple user interface makes creating new campaigns a snap. Plus, you can view all your aggregated reports in one place.

Surveys: Learn More About Users

With Ad Server, you can deliver great surveys for customers to complete before they even begin surfing. Build your survey from a range of question types: Multiple Choice, Dropdown, Yes/No, Open-ended, or Personal Information. Quickly review the aggregated answers from all respondents and all devices in a single report. For open-ended questions, you can even view individual answers.

Compatible Devices

Enterprise SD-WAN

Wi-Fi Hotspot Advertising Software #6

Balance Series

SD-WAN for Enterprise Deployments of all Sizes

Wi-Fi Hotspot Advertising Software #7

ContentHub Series

Mobile Edge Computing

Ultimate Connectivity

Wi-Fi Hotspot Advertising Software #9

MAX HD Series

Multi-Cellular  Powerhouses for Mission Critical Connectivity