Ad Delivery Service

Ready to Make Free Wi-Fi Work for You?

People today expect free Wi-Fi in public venues. But what are the benefits for businesses? Free Wi-Fi helps you increase traffic and build loyalty. Better yet, it’s a great opportunity to earn revenue and learn more about your users. The secret is our Ad Delivery Service.

Benefit from Using the Ad Delivery Service

With the Ad Delivery Service, you can place advertisements before users connect to your Wi-Fi. You can show them a banner carousel, where they will stay for 10 seconds before connecting. You can also show them a video that they will watch before connecting.

Intelligent Advert Functionality

Engagement Insights
Location-Based Ads

Engagement Insights


Get detailed impression and click information on ad response. You’ll see the viewer’s SSID, language, GPS location, operating system, and browser.

Location Based Ads


Choose to show specific ads at a specific location. The geolocation feature is useful for many businesses, especially transportation hotspots.

Complete Control


Easily control each ad’s weight relative to others, set start dates, end dates, and target impressions and/or clicks.​


Surveys: Learn More About Users

With Ad Server, you can deliver great surveys for customers to complete before they even begin surfing. Build your survey from a range of question types: Multiple Choice, Dropdown, Yes/No, Open-ended, or Personal Information. Quickly review the aggregated answers from all respondents and all devices in a single report. For open-ended questions, you can even view individual answers.

Easy to Use, Manage from Anywhere

Manage all your campaigns — across multiple devices — from a single browser window. Ad Server’s simple user interface makes creating new campaigns a snap. Plus, you can view all your aggregated reports in one place.

Compatible Devices

The Ad Delivery Service is only available on the following Balance, MAX, and ContentHub routers running Firmware 7.

Balance Series

SD-WAN for Enterprise Deployments of all Sizes

MAX HD Series

Multi-Cellular  Powerhouses for Mission Critical Connectivity

ContentHub Series

Mobile Edge Computing