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Better Networking. Better Retailing.

Peplink routers and access points offer retail businesses of any size the wired and wireless connectivity, reliability, and scalability they need to keep up with customers and competitors. From complete solutions for backend operations to sales floor POS systems, Peplink networking products improve communication over the entire retail cycle. Here are just a few of the ways Peplink can help to make your retail business more responsive, cost-effective, and profitable.

Real-time POS Systems.

Tracking real-time point-of-sale data can be a chore, particularly for multiple retail locations. But in today’s retail climate, it’s necessary to making every sale you can and reducing the cost of carrying inventory.

Many retail operations rely on radio-based networks to track sales and inventory, though this can be costly, complex, and subject to frequent outages. Retail POS systems powered by Peplink, however, benefit from low equipment costs, easy administration, and best-in-class reliability, among other advantages:

  • Peplink allows businesses to bond multiple commodity links, such as DSL and cable connections, for higher throughput and reliability at less expense.
  • 4G/3G, satellite, and other backup links can serve as automatic failover connections, keeping POS systems up and running, all day, every day.
  • Bandwidth can be scaled on demand, further reducing Internet service costs.

Video Surveillance.

Peplink makes it simple and affordable to keep an eye on business operations and retail sales activities, no matter how many locations you monitor. With Peplink, there’s no need to disrupt your business with a lot of expensive construction and wiring or expose sensitive video feeds to potential attackers outside of your private network.

Video surveillance with Peplink networking can be as simple as pairing a number of wireless IP security cameras with a Balance or MAX router and an AP One access point, if necessary. In a fraction of the time required to install and configure a legacy system — and at a fraction of the cost — you’ve got a scalable audio/video surveillance solution that’s securely accessible from any location around the world.


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Whether your business is housed in a single location or multiple sites that span continents, Peplink routers and access points make for better retailing through better networking. To learn more, please contact a friendly and knowledgeable Peplink representative today.