MPLS & Leased Line Alternative

MPLS ALternative save 85% with SD-WAN

Quality Network ≠ High Cost

So you have a MPLS connection. You have a stable (but limited) bandwidth, you’ve got your 99.999% reliability and quick recovery times should things go pear-shaped.

But at $300 per megabit each month, you’re also paying through the nose. And future-proofing your network far exceeds your budget.

What do you do?

We’re here to show you that it doesn’t have to be that way.

SpeedFusion?Reduce Network Costs by 80%. Without Compromise.

SpeedFusion is specifically designed for multi-WAN environments.

Unlike conventional technology, SpeedFusion combines the bandwidth of all WAN connections to deliver high-speed, high-reliability, and high-security networking.

It is resilient to Internet connection outages and your data is protected with 256-bit military-grade AES encryption.

We could help you replace your expensive MPLS by bonding multiple business-class ADSL connections with our SpeedFusion Site-to-Site Unbreakable VPN technology to significantly drive costs down.

What if you are not ready to replace your MPLS but still need a way to future-proof your network for growing demands? We can help you supplement your existing MPLS connection, increasing your bandwidth with a low cost ADSL line through bandwidth bonding.

Save thousands of dollars per year. Here’s how:

Option 1: MPLS Supplement

Combine MPLS with DSL to form Hybrid WAN

Affordably increase your bandwidth by adding commodity ADSL links to your MPLS connection, forming a hybrid WAN connection. SpeedFusion technology bonds all your connections together, enabling session-persistent, user-transparent hot failover. QoS support, bandwidth control, and traffic prioritization gives you total control over your network.

Why Multiple WANs?

Multiple WANs helps outbound security and reliability by distributing outgoing communications over all circuits. They make it more difficult for an attacker to listen to your traffic as standard load balanced sessions are split among all available WANs reducing your attack surface…

Option 2: MPLS Alternative

Form a SD-WAN connection by combining DSL connections

Achieve faster speeds and greater reliability while paying only 20% of traditional WAN costs by connecting multiple ADSL, 3G, and 4G LTE links. Choose a topology that suits your requirements: a hub-and-spoke topology maximizes control over your network, while a meshed topology can reduce your bandwidth overhead by enabling your devices to form Unbreakable VPN connections directly with each other.

Customer Testimonials
"To date my devices have been up and running continuously with no intervention for 114 days with zero issues.""It saves us money, is easy to manage, and grows with us effortlessly""With the Peplink Balance,we’re able to utilize multiple low cost Internet services and realize 100% network uptime while dramatically cutting our monthly expenses"
Andrew W. Pudlak
Network Manager,
Town of Tonawanda, NY
Steve Taylor
IT Manager, Pluss
Jason Lamine
Network Services Manager
Warehouse Specialists Inc.
"I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a product that can utilize multiple connections to provide a MPLS-type VPN across your sites""2.5 years ago we moved from an MPLS to a Peplink solution, one of the first in Australia. We now have 8 offices supporting 120 users. $151,200 savings so far... plus ultimate flexibility and no downtime."“Peplink is a perfect blend of features, performance & price.”
Justin Dale
IT Coordinator,
Diamond International Trucks
Royce Emery
IT Network Admin,
Hume Doors and Timber
David Sell
Network Engineer,
Haas Automation

Corporate Networking, on a Sane Budget

Add affordable bandwidth, reduce recurring costs, and simplify your network growth by plugging in up to 13 commodity links as your network demand increases. Our patent-pending Site-to-Site VPN Bonding provides fast and secure service between offices, and our session-persistent hot failover provides 100% network uptime for maximum reliability.

Your business is always protected, and your connections are unbreakable.

So what are you waiting for?

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