Business Continuity


More Bandwidth & Automatic Failover

Business owners are finding that popular cloud computing apps like those available from,, and Google Docs are increasing sales and improving efficiency. In addition, Internet applications like Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Voice over IP (VoIP), remote collaboration services like GoToMeeting and WebEx, and remote support applications like LogMeIn and GoToMyPc have all gained popularity.


100% Internet Uptime.

Peplink Balance multi-wan routers can provide your business with 100% Internet uptime! Business owners can now add commodity Internet services like Cable and DSL and end up with cost-effective Internet service redundancy. The high-performance Peplink Balance routers let you combine as many as thirteen different Internet services that will detect when any service has gone offline and automatically switch to available services. The highly reliable Peplink Balance will ensure that your business always has Internet access.

You Can Never Have Too Much Bandwidth.

Businesses that migrate to cloud computing and other Internet apps soon find themselves needing more and more bandwidth. Peplink Balance can satisfy your bandwidth-hungry network by load balancing across multiple Internet services. Our patent-pending VPN Bonding feature will even allow high speed uploads and downloads by aggregating the available bandwidth into one larger connection. With aggregated bandwidth, remote office staff can instantly access information on centralized servers.

Don’t Fall Off The Cloud.

Peplink Balance routers are the best way to guarantee your company always has the Internet access it needs to take advantage of cloud computing. Order a Peplink Balance router to ensure continuous access to the Internet applications your business depends on!


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