Rethinking Connectivity

SpeedFusion Connect

SpeedFusion Connect improves connection reliability with global endpoints & on-demand 5G/LTE cellular data

The Global Infrastructure behind SFC

How It Works

To integrate SpeedFusion features into your network, you’d normally need two different end points to complete the setup, typically two separate devices.

We understand that this may not be feasible for all of our users. That’s why we’re hosting nodes in 28 locations around the world to act as a second end point for our users to connect to. This means that as long as you have one of our routers in your network, you’ll be able to access all of SpeedFusion’s features with an Speedfusion Connect subscription.

Global Support

Global Support

28 Cities and 19 Countries

Bandwidth Bonding

Bandwidth Bonding

Combine multiple connections into a single faster connection

Hot Failover

Hot Failover

Instantly fallback to a backup connection for zero connection drops

WAN Smoothing

WAN Smoothing

Send the same data through multiple connections so no data gets lost

Protect your Applications and Connections

SpeedFusion Connect

Guard your network by making it unbreakable with SpeedFusion Connect.

Enhance your network with SpeedFusion and protect your connection. Let stutters be a thing of the past.

  • Reliable high speed Internet
  • No more disconnects for VoIPs
  • No network congestions while you access business apps (e.g. Zoom, Microsoft 365, Google Workplace)

Our on-demand data plan

eSIM Data Plans

Stay connected wherever you are with Peplink’s on-demand cellular data plan.

No contracts, no monthly fees. Pay for what you need, and instantly enjoy an unthrottled connection.

Find out which countries we support here.

Get in touch with your devices anytime, anywhere


Control all your network devices through InTouch.

As long as a Peplink device is integrated in your network, you’ll be able to remotely access the rest of your network devices with just a few clicks.

  • Remotely manage all your devices through a single interface
  • Easy to activate and easy to use
  • Comes included with all our care plans
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Build your own private cloud node

SpeedFusion Relay

SpeedFusion Alliance

Join the SpeedFusion Alliance and offer your cloud nodes to the public. We are constantly working with our partners to build new SpeedFusion Cloud Nodes around the world for all our users. If you’re interested in joining us, let us know by emailing us at [email protected].

SpeedFusion Alliance

Instead of using our global SFC endpoints, you can instead host your own private cloud node using a second Peplink router. For those concerned about security, this ensures that only users you trust can connect to your network.

Private Cloud Node
SFC App Section Background

Manage SFC on our companion app

SpeedFusion App

Bring the easiness of network management to the palm of your hand

UI Image 1

Monitor Your Router

connection status and configure WAN usage

UI Image 2

Connect Your Router

to Peplink Cloud Locations in over 25 cities

UI Image 3

Active SFC Service

for connectivity protection

UI Image 4

View Reports

on WAN quality and data usage

UI Image 5

Share Access

with friends and family to manage your devices

UI Image 6

Manage Multiple Routers

at the same time