Pepwave Surf On-The-Go


Ethernet. USB cellular. Wi-Fi-as-WAN. The compact, powerful Surf On-The-Go makes it easy to connect and share with unlimited devices wherever you are.

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usb modem wi-fi rv van

Mobile Entertainment Center – Get More Fun on the Road with Fast 4G Wi-Fi

Got a fast USB 4G/3G modem? Share the speed and convenience of cellular Internet connectivity with the Surf On-The-Go’s plug-and-play Wi-Fi technology and unparalleled modem compatibility. Just connect your cellular modem and surf with all your devices at RV parks, sporting events, marinas, and everywhere else you roam.

hotel ethernet to wi-fi

Travel Buddy – Carry a World-Class Hotspot in Your Pocket.

It may be tiny, but the Surf On-The-Go packs big-time hotspot features. Wherever you land, this tough little travel companion gets you connected quickly, easily, and wirelessly. It even remembers your login details, so you can plug into any available Ethernet connection and get right down to business. Or play.

wi-fi at home

Extend Wi-Fi Services – Connect without Limits.

The Surf On-the-Go supports an unlimited number of connections, so everyone’s invited to the Wi-Fi party. And thanks to the Surf On-The-Go’s high-powered radio, you can share your connection throughout a conference area, across a factory floor, or with an entire block of rooms. You can even use the Surf On-the-Go as a long-range repeater for city-wide Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi that really goes the distance.


Wi-Fi Enabler – Bridge the Gap between Wired Devices and Wireless Networks.

Now even legacy technology can get on the network without wires. Simply connect your wired device and let the Surf On-The-Go link you directly to the Internet or to any device that accepts wireless connections. Fast wireless connectivity for game consoles, printers, surveillance cameras, and other Ethernet-only devices is plug-and-play easy with the Surf On-The-Go.