MAX Mobile Router

Model Types

Mobile Routers With Unbreakable Connectivity

MAX mobile routers provide fast and unbreakable wireless connectivity for deployments where wired options are too expensive or difficult to implement. MAX routers will keep you connected using dual SIM cards and our patented SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding technology. This connectivity is crucial for enabling a wide range of applications such as

fleet management, video surveillance, Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile hotspots. InControl central management and GPS fleet tracking simplify your network making it scalable and easy to manage, while SpeedFusion VPN protects the integrity of critical services.

Work with Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile


mobile router SpeedFusion Bonding

SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding

SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding combines all connected bandwidth into a single superfast stream, using the same or different providers.

mobile router Social Wi-Fi

Social Wi-Fi

Offer users the ability to access your Wi-Fi by logging into Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Sina Weibo. Gather informative user insights.

mobile router dual sim

Dual SIM Slots

With dual SIM slots, you can use two SIM cards for each single cellular modem, increasing your coverage.

mobile router GPS fleet tracking

GPS Fleet Tracking

Use InControl to monitor the location of each vehicle and manage your mobile network from any Internet-connected device.

mobile router enterprise features


MAX mobile routers come with features that help simplify network management, control user traffic, and increase network resilience.

mobile router certifications

Multiple Certifications

Certifications include: FCC, CE, RoHS, E-Mark, Shock and Vibration Resistance, Railway Applications, and Electromagnetic Compatibility.