SpeedFusion Alliance

Enable New Possibilities… Together

The SpeedFusion Alliance partnership program seeks to quickly scale up the adoption and availability of SpeedFusion technology through a unified global standard for hosting SpeedFusion services. 

In this program, Peplink works together with service providers to build an extensive network of point-of-presences so that end users can seamlessly enjoy the benefits of SpeedFusion no matter where they are. With a growing number of device vendors embedding SpeedFusion technologies into their disruptive end products and services, SpeedFusion Alliance hosting members stand to benefit from this fast-growing stream of data traffic.

Be Part of the Disruption

Peplink’s SpeedFusion enables unbreakable connectivity anytime anywhere, opening up numerous possibilities for disruptive applications with potential for mass adoption

Innovators use SpeedFusion to Realize their Visions

Autonomous Driving
Industry 4.0
Internet of Things
SpeedFusion Alliance #4

Service Providers & Network Operators

Additional revenue tied to data traffic from hosting SpeedFusion and FusionSIM services Special pricing for software licenses.

Access to highly scalable Peplink CPEs to expand your own SpeedFusion services.

SpeedFusion Alliance #5

OEM & Device Manufacturers

Integrate SpeedFusion’s unbreakable connectivity into your next disruptive product.

Unbreakable connectivity out of the box for end users.

Flexible purchasing arrangements, including technology licensing.