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2 June 2009
2 June 2009, Comments: Comments Off on WhiteHat Promotes Peplink in Portugal

Date: 2 June 2009

WhiteHat Promotes Peplink’s Advanced Internet Load Balancing and Failover Solutions in Portugal

Mountain View, CA, June 2, 2009 – Peplink, the pioneer in Internet link balancing and failover solutions, today announces its new partnership with WhiteHat, a distributor dedicated to IT products and solutions. As Peplink’s authorized partner in Portugal, WhiteHat will bring in Peplink’s Internet load balancing products to the Portuguese market. 

“For many years we have been attracted by Peplink’s balancing technology,” said Nuno Mendes, General Director at WhiteHat. “To assure maximum Internet uptime and to meet the necessary bandwidth requirement for every business, regardless of its size, are mandatory nowadays. Peplink Balance solutions allow companies to achieve these goals, while reducing their costs in using dedicated lines and expensive SLAs. During this time when financial investments must be truly rational, Peplink can protect SMB and enterprise businesses through its advanced link load balancing and failover technology using only simple and traditional broadband (i.e. xDSL, cable) Internet providers.” 

“We are very pleased to establish a partnership with WhiteHat,” said Keith Chau, General Manager at Peplink. “Given WhiteHat’s excellent reputation in the marketplace, we look forward to further expand our business rapidly in Portugal. We are eager to work closely with WhiteHat to help businesses in cutting their budgets while providing the highest Internet reliability they desired.”

About WhiteHat Lda.

WhiteHat was founded in 2003 with the main goal to provide IT security tools to corporate customers. WhiteHat works in partnership with a selection of industry-recognized vendors in areas including antivirus, mail servers, firewalls, server-based computing, and multi-WAN routers. Through its reseller channel, WhiteHat is able to cover different market segments in Portugal and other Portuguese-speaking countries. For more information about WhiteHat, visit http://www.whitehat.pt/

About Peplink

Peplink is a leader in developing Internet load balancing and failover solutions. The Balance dual-WAN and multi-WAN routers have allowed businesses to increase Internet reliability, get better performance and cut costs. Peplink Balance routers have been deployed around the world, helping thousands of businesses stay connected to the Internet and enhance productivity. Peplink has formed partnerships with distributors and system integrators worldwide. Information about Peplink can be found athttps://www.peplink.com/