Harris County Sheriff's Office Recognized as Technology Leader

23 September 2015
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23 September 2015, Comments: Comments Off on Press Release: Harris County Sheriff’s Office Recognized as Technology Leader

Based in Texas, US’s third largest Sheriff’s Office has won the Technology Leadership Award for using technological advancements to greatly improve operational efficiency.

Immediate Release – 24th September, 2015 – Harris County Sheriff’s Office won the Technology Leadership Award for meeting the challenge of implementing a high speed network in their Mobile Command Units. With the ability to bond multiple connections for higher bandwidth and provide connectivity redundancy, the major increase in bandwidth allows them to stream high quality live videos, pictures, texts, radio channels to on-scene personnel to provide the much needed support. Providing scene support to specialty units such as High Risk Operations, Hostage Negotiators, Air Units, Marine Division and Patrol was high priority when planning this monumental technological upgrade.

Serving over four million Texas citizens, the Office has won APCO’s Technology Leadership Award. The award recognizes communications centers that use technological advancements to improve their operations in order to better serve their employees and the community.

“The Mobile Command Units have accomplished their mission with these upgrades and found a more efficient way to get the job done!” -Sergeant Bryan Rudel, Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

Previously, the Mobile Command Units had to rely on a commercial 3G connection, which was restrictively slow and presented many connectivity issues. The new network has multiple high speed broadband technologies in place such as Public Safety LTE, microwave broadband and VSAT. A Peplink WAN Bonding router combines the bandwidth from all active connections forming a fast, reliable network backbone for the Mobile Command Units. The Peplink router also provides failsafe connection redundancy – when one connection is lost, another will take over to ensure all equipment stays online.

The new high speed network allows for Computer Aided Dispatch consoles which also acts as a secondary dispatch center as well as enabling mapping capabilities. Together with delivering live high definition videos and other vital real time information to on-scene personnel, the overall operational efficiency has been greatly improved, raising field personnel safety and ultimately making the community an even safer place.

“This life-saving technology has proven beneficial to the community time and time again during efforts to protect the citizens of Harris County, Texas.” -Sergeant Bryan Rudel, Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

The installation of the Public Safety LTE broadband system in the Mobile Command vehicles follows the guidelines and standards set forth by House Bill 607 – Broadband for First Responders Act of 2011, which makes these mobile communications “disaster survivable.”

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