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2 December 2008
2 December 2008, Comments: Comments Off on Peplink Launches New Internet Link Balancers with VPN Bonding

Date: 2 December 2008

New Products Provide Branch Offices with 100% Reliable Internet VPN while Cutting Internet Expenses

Mountain View, CA, December 2, 2008

 Peplink, the pioneer in Internet link balancing and failover solutions, today announces the release of its new Balance 210 and Balance 310 Internet Multi-WAN Routers, along with firmware 4.6 upgrade, which comes with the industry first multi-site Virtual Private Network (VPN) Load Balancing and Failover feature. Peplink’s new products and features give businesses of all sizes an affordable way to leverage today’s technologies.

100% Reliable Internet That Also Helps Cut Costs

Peplink Balance multi-WAN routers allow customers to easily combine multiple Internet services from different providers. As new generation of broadband Internet such as DOCSIS 3.0, FTTB becomes readily available, Peplink Balance 210 and 310 will meet business’ new bandwidth requirement without giving up Internet reliability. Because of Peplink’s advanced failover and load balancing algorithms, businesses can easily substitute their existing high-cost dedicated Internet to a combination of low-cost connections. Peplink’s enterprise-class Internet link balancing technology has received rave reviews for ease of use, stability and affordable pricing.

“Internet link balancing and failover used to be complicated and expensive. Many businesses still rely on a single Internet connection. Whenever there is a service outage, all you could do is to wait and complain. This is not true anymore,” said Keith Chau, General Manager at Peplink. “Customers can now subscribe to Internet services from any provider and combine them easily with our devices, not to mention the cost savings when they change from expensive dedicated Internet to regular DSL or Cable! If one of the Internet services goes down, the system administrator will be notified but other users will not notice a thing.”

VPN Load Balancing and Failover, All Protected with 256-bit AES

Peplink is also shipping firmware 4.6, which provides the industry first Multi-Site VPN Load Balancing. Multi-Site VPN Load Balancing enables businesses to easily connect multiple locations with the highest reliability possible by leveraging multiple low cost Internet connections at each site.

“With business demanding reliable and faster VPN connections across multiple locations for enterprise applications, our advanced VPN Load Balancing and Failover technology will allow this to be done without complex setup”, added Chau. Whereas traditional VPNs will fail when the Internet link gets disconnected, Peplink’s technology creates VPN sessions across multiple Internet connections. Transparent to the users, this technology maintains a reliable VPN by dynamically performing load balancing and failover. Users will also benefit from a faster VPN as a result of the combined and optimized bandwidth. Peplink’s VPN Load Balancing technology is key to enhancing today’s business productivity.


Peplink Balance 210/310 and Firmware 4.6 are immediately available. VPN Load Balancing and Failover feature is available for 210/310 and other business-class models.
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Peplink is a leader in developing Internet load balancing and failover solutions. The Balance dual-WAN and multi-WAN routers have allowed businesses to increase Internet reliability, get better performance and cut costs. Peplink Balance routers have been deployed around the world, helping thousands of businesses stay connected to the Internet and enhance productivity. Peplink has formed partnerships with distributors and system integrators worldwide. Information about Peplink can be found at