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28 October 2008
28 October 2008, Comments: Comments Off on Peplink Launches New Balance 20L and 390 Multi-WAN Routers

Date: 28 October 2008

New Products Continue to Provide 100% Reliability of High Speed Internet and Cost Savings 

Mountain View, CA

Peplink, a pioneer in Internet link load balance products and solutions, announces the release of its new Balance 20L and Balance 390 Internet multi-WAN routers. 

Peplink has for years offered user-friendly solutions to combine Internet connections and provide maximum network stability and uptime at affordable prices for all types of users. The new Balance 20L and Balance 390 further this tradition. 

Higher Internet Reliability and Lower Operating Expenses 

“With the current market conditions, Internet reliability has never been more important”, commented Keith Chau, General Manager at Peplink, “any email outage, disconnects with your sales force, road warriors or business partners are not acceptable. Companies simply can’t take the risk of losing any business now.” Reliability and costs are not always growing in proportion. “By replacing the expensive leased line with multiple low-cost DSL/Cable broadband links, companies actually get higher reliability and more bandwidth with lower operating expenses!” 

Balance 20L and Balance 390 Extend and Complete Peplink’s Product Line 

The Balance 20L appeals to home users as the only affordable dual-WAN router on the market powered by enterprise-grade software to provide maximum stability and reliability for even power home users. The Balance 390 is a high performance triple-WAN, all-Gigabit router with enough power, 250Mbps, for next-generation, high speed Internet services such as FiOS, DOCSIS 3.0, or 4G Mobile broadband, ideal for large businesses at a legitimate price. No matter what your needs are, the Balance 20L and Balance 390 will increase your performance and decrease your costs.