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11 December 2008
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WifiSafe Brings Innovative Peplink Load Balancing to Spain

11 December 2008, Comments: 0

Date: 11 December 2008 Mountain View, CA  Peplink, the pioneer in Internet link balancing and failover solutions, and WifiSafe, a distributor dedicated to wireless and networking products and solutions, have recently signed a partnership agreement. Under the terms of the partnership, WifiSafe will provide full integration and support services for Peplink’s complete line of Internet load balancing product suite in Spain. “With the drop in Internet prices and increase in speed, customers are looking for bandwidth bundling and failover solutions,” said Francisco Menendez, Manager Director at WifiSafe. “Peplink’s Balance products fit perfectly in our solution portfolio to meet such customer challenges. […]

2 December 2008
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Peplink Launches New Internet Link Balancers with VPN Bonding

2 December 2008, Comments: 0

Date: 2 December 2008 New Products Provide Branch Offices with 100% Reliable Internet VPN while Cutting Internet Expenses Mountain View, CA, December 2, 2008  Peplink, the pioneer in Internet link balancing and failover solutions, today announces the release of its new Balance 210 and Balance 310 Internet Multi-WAN Routers, along with firmware 4.6 upgrade, which comes with the industry first multi-site Virtual Private Network (VPN) Load Balancing and Failover feature. Peplink’s new products and features give businesses of all sizes an affordable way to leverage today’s technologies. 100% Reliable Internet That Also Helps Cut Costs Peplink Balance multi-WAN routers allow customers to […]

28 October 2008
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Peplink Launches New Balance 20L and 390 Multi-WAN Routers

28 October 2008, Comments: 0

Date: 28 October 2008 New Products Continue to Provide 100% Reliability of High Speed Internet and Cost Savings  Mountain View, CA Peplink, a pioneer in Internet link load balance products and solutions, announces the release of its new Balance 20L and Balance 390 Internet multi-WAN routers.  Peplink has for years offered user-friendly solutions to combine Internet connections and provide maximum network stability and uptime at affordable prices for all types of users. The new Balance 20L and Balance 390 further this tradition.  Higher Internet Reliability and Lower Operating Expenses  “With the current market conditions, Internet reliability has never been more important”, […]

3 September 2008
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Turnkey Solution at China Telecom ICT Solutions Forum 2008

3 September 2008, Comments: 0

Date: 3 September 2008 Hong Kong On 2nd September 2008, Peplink participated in the China Telecom ICT Solutions Forum 2008, hosted by China Telecom (Hong Kong) International Ltd. During the show, Peplink demonstrated its new turnkey solution to provide significant speed increase to China user base. The solution incorporate a Peplink Balance G-Series router coupled with China Telecom’s ChinaNet internet access service, allowing the customer to benefit up to eight-fold increase in Internet access speed. More than 100 premium corporate chief technology officers attended the forum and showed great interest in this solution. China Telecom is currently the largest Internet Service Provider in […]

9 July 2008
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Peplink Response to DNS Poisoning Vulnerability CVE-2008-1447

9 July 2008, Comments: 0

Date: 9 July 2008 Mountain View, CA Peplink Balance products are not vulnerable to the DNS cache poisoning technique, announced by CERT CVE-2008-1447 on July 8, 2008 for the following reasons: all DNS queries originating from Peplink Balance implement full 16-bit random transaction ID, as well as source port number randomization. Peplink Balance does not answer any recursive queries from the Internet. About Peplink  Peplink is a leader in developing Internet load balancing and failover solutions. The Balance dual-WAN and multi-WAN routers have allowed businesses to increase Internet reliability, get better performance and cut costs. Peplink Balance routers have been deployed around the world, helping […]

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