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28 October 2018
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Peplink Named in 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant

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Peplink Recognized in 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge Infrastructure(HONG KONG October 24, 2018) Peplink, a global leader in the rapidly emerging SD-WAN marketplace, has been recognized in the October 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge Infrastructure report. According to the report, “the WAN edge market (comprising SD-WAN plus traditional branch routers) is forecast to generate a CAGR of −3% in end-user spending from 2017 through 2022. However, this is the result of the robust growth of SD-WAN (37% CAGR) and the decline of traditional branch office routers (-21% CAGR).”. SD-WAN is poised at the forefront of connectivity […]

15 March 2016
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Even a Hitman Sometimes Needs Peplink Bonded Cellular Connectivity

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Real Life Hitman LTE Cellular Bonding Five days ago Real Life Hitman from Realm Pictures was released on YouTube, and follows what is fast becoming a massively successful series of awesome real life first (and now third) person interactive action games. The idea is elegantly genius, find a location with massive production value, fill it full of actors and set and clever interactive props and set pieces, weave in a storyline with interactive challenges and invite players to control the lead character and action live from remote locations. The end result is so beautiful and immersive and Realm Pictures have […]

9 November 2015
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Important: Free Performance Upgrades!

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With the relentless effort from our software engineers, we’ve been able to push the current Balance and MediaFast hardware platforms to achieve much higher throughput, up to 2.5 times more! We truly believe in long term support for our products. While the industry norm is to ask customers to upgrade their hardware all the time, we put our efforts into making our routers work simpler, faster and last longer. We hope you like it! Learn More The upgrade is available for most of our current generation Balance and MediaFast models running our latest 6.2.2 GA Firmware. Share and WinIf you […]

30 October 2015
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No signal, no problem. Cellular bonding helps livestream Real Life First Person Shooter.

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Peplink’s Unbreakable Cellular Bonding using a combination of FusionHub and MAX HDs, together with Grapevine’s Cloudcase saved the day and got us this absolutely awesome clip. Enjoy! Our Solution Architect details the initial struggles with cellular signal and bandwidth and how the shoot panned out for Realm Pictures. Read on to learn more.

23 September 2015
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Press Release: Harris County Sheriff’s Office Recognized as Technology Leader

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Based in Texas, US’s third largest Sheriff’s Office has won the Technology Leadership Award for using technological advancements to greatly improve operational efficiency. Immediate Release – 24th September, 2015 – Harris County Sheriff’s Office won the Technology Leadership Award for meeting the challenge of implementing a high speed network in their Mobile Command Units. With the ability to bond multiple connections for higher bandwidth and provide connectivity redundancy, the major increase in bandwidth allows them to stream high quality live videos, pictures, texts, radio channels to on-scene personnel to provide the much needed support. Providing scene support to specialty units […]