InControl 2 Requirements


Supported Devices

InControl 2 supports the following devices. We will be adding support for additional devices and device families in the near future.

ModelInControl 2 Supported
Peplink Balance *
Peplink MediaFast
Pepwave MAX
Pepwave AP ^
Pepwave Device Connector spec_none
Pepwave Surf #
Peplink FusionHub
Peplink Switch
* Not available in hardware revision 1 of Balance 210 and 310; and hardware revision 1 of Balance 30.
^ Supports devices running Firmware 3.4.1 and above.
# Supports Surf SOHO and Surf On-The-Go.

System Requirements

To be managed by InControl 2, your device must be:

  • One of the compatible devices listed above
  • Running Firmware 6.1 or 3.4.1
  • In-warranty or covered by InControl 2 Subscription

Warranty Status

Firmware 6.1 and 3.4.1 is free for in-warranty devices, but you will need to purchase warranty to upgrade out-of-warranty devices. If you are unsure of your device’s warranty status, check by adding the device to InControl 2. Even if the device cannot be managed by InControl 2 (e.g., the device runs older firmware), InControl 2 will still show the device’s warranty status.




My device meets InControl 2 Requirements