European Union Funds Peplink Project in Lithuania

UAB Peplink Pepwave successfully implemented the project “Pismo Technology International Limited’s Direct Investment in the R&D (research & development) center in Lithuania.” This initiative resulted in the establishment of an R&D center in Lithuania, creating sustainable job opportunities for researchers.

During the project, significant advancements were made, leading to the development of PTP/PTMP wireless products featuring spare LTE wireless channels and data flow aggregation. Additionally, FusionSIM was created, enabling the utilization of SIM cards in equipment located at physically remote points.

BR Series

The project received financial support from the European Regional Development Fund, managed by the European Commission. The total eligible costs for the project amounted to €3,861,892.32, of which the European Regional Development Fund allocated up to €2,027,842.82  for its successful implementation.

The project’s execution commenced on February 18, 2020, and concluded on October 31, 2023. Its primary objectives were to establish an R&D center and introduce innovative wireless products to the market. Throughout the project’s duration, these goals were achieved, paving the way for technological advancements in the field.