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A Solution for Every Scenario

The Peplink Design Lab features a growing collection of network designs using Peplink technology. Open to all forum users, the Design Lab is filled with detailed diagrams from real-world deployments, each illustrating how Peplink products and features have fulfilled a customer’s networking needs.

Every diagram contains complete information on all components and how they are connected, giving you enough information to implement the deployment in your own network.


Deployment Preview

Ocean Vessel Wi-FiRestaurant POS/Wi-Fi Branch Office VoIP
A ship needs to provide Wi-Fi access for its guests and process business transactions while in the middle of the ocean.An organization with two locations needs to deploy a centralized VoIP network with reliable failover to landlines.An organization with two locations needs to deploy a centralized VoIP network, the system must failover to landlines.
Police Car Dash CamLive BroadcastingMPLS Supplement
A law enforcement agency needs to securely stream video from police cars to headquarters over a proprietary network.A video crew needs to deliver live broadcasts of sporting events around the world while frequently switching between carriers.An organization needs to affordably increase bandwidth, seamlessly supplementing their existing MPLS.
There are many more deployments waiting to be discovered. Enter the Design Lab now to see how customers like you have built their networks with Peplink!

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