Why Peplink?

Why Peplink? Here is the answer

The Stillwater Police Department uses the BR1 on their patrol vehicles.

As a potential customer having recently discovered our products and technologies, or as an established Peplink partner looking to explain the position and approach of Peplink to your customers in comparison to other vendors, the question of ‘Why Peplink?’ is an important one to answer.

With product design, software development, cloud platform, and stress testing all performed in-house, Peplink is able to produce a caliber of SD-WAN Solutions that speaks for itself.

Our Core Values

All of our products and technologies are built on the following core principles:

Why Peplink? Reliability! 1131 days

Reliability & Stability

Hardware should just work. With tight integration of our software and hardware teams, and a history of deployments in critical government, finance, communications and emergency services infrastructures, Peplink products have been designed from the ground up to provide reliable, stable connectivity in any deployment scenario.

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Ease of Use

We specialize making complicated technologies simple to use. Our proprietary VPN technology that allows customers to configure complicated Multi-connection, Multi-Site Wide Area Networks with just a few clicks. InControl, our cloud based monitoring and management platform, allows enterprise customers to manage thousands of devices through a single interface.

…Its easy-to-use web administration interface allowed us to install it very quickly and to add routing rules that match exactly our requirements. It’s simply perfect for us

Mariano Benítez, budgetplaces.com, Barcelona, Spain

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Why Peplink? Easy to Use UI

Why Peplink? Persistent Support

Persistent Support

On the rare occasions assistance is required, our global technical support teams provide industry leading determination to resolve all issues that come to them. Our first line support teams can speak directly with the engineers to resolve issues quickly, and develop new features fast. We never give up and will partner with you to resolve any deployment challenge.

…the Peplink tech staff went way beyond what we expected for any kind of IT gear. Peplink’s support is in a world of its own.. a breath of fresh air!

Sandy Eisenbach, Eisenbach Consulting LLC, Tyler, TX

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All Peplink products are designed from the outset with industry leading security features built in. With dual boot firmware capability, 256bit AES VPN encryption as standard, and all of the most insecure features (that often are enabled on other vendor devices) disabled by default, your network is as safe as it can be right from the start.

Peplink Security Features

Peplink Security feature dual-boot

Dual Boot

Peplink Security 256-AES Encryption

256-AES Encryption

Why Peplink? We protect your investment

Peplink Recognized in Gartner Magic Quadrant Report

Peplink gartner SD-WAN magic quadrant

Gartner’s report shines a light on the brightest and most capable companies in the WAN Edge space, and Peplink’s expertise in the SD-WAN space has earned us a spot on this prestigious report.

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