Lake Lucerne Ferry, Switzerland

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Lake Lucerne Navigation Company is a public Swiss company operating passenger ships and boats on Lake Lucerne. Its origins can be traced back to 1836. Today it is the largest inland shipping company in Switzerland, and is notable for operating a number of historic paddle steamers, in addition to modern vessels.

Navigating Lake Lucerne with SpeedFusion Bonding #2


Company needed to transfer data from their LLNC’s steamers to the back office seamlessly and without interruption.

Navigating Lake Lucerne with SpeedFusion Bonding #3


Each steamer is outfitted with a MAX HD2 router, which can bond dual 4G LTE/3G connections, plus Wi-Fi and other mobile connections, for high speeds and reliability. Communications from ship to shore and ship to ship are encrypted, securing sensitive transaction, ticketing, time-tracking, and other data, which is automatically synchronized with back office systems.

Navigating Lake Lucerne with SpeedFusion Bonding #4


The HD2 provides reliable and secure connections, and all external antennas are tucked away almost invisibly, delivering high-tech benefits without disturbing the look and feel of a steam-age vessel.
The SpeedFusion Bonding Technology links LLNC’s steamers to the back office seamlessly and without interruption. Connected applications, such as POS, ticketing, and tracking, now run more efficiently than ever, saving time, money, and frustration, as well as allowing much of the ships’ administrative work to take place onboard. Tracking using GPS and Google Maps has especially benefited from the high bandwidth and fault tolerance provided by SpeedFusion Bonding.


Peplink SD WAN Internet Bonding Technology SpeedFusion.

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Pepwave HD2. Dual 4G LTE Mobile Router.


Dual 4G LTE Mobile Router with an impressive set of features.