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2 August 2016
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Portable SD-WAN Over Private Networks

2 August 2016, Comments:  Comments

If you were to listen to most marketing information about SD-WAN you would think that it is designed to work purely on public internet links as that is probably the easiest application to explain, and just about anyone can understand the benefits of using multiple internet links of different types from different ISPs to provide resilient internet and site to site VPN connectivity. Private networks can be used for SD-WAN too. However, the ‘WAN’ in SD-WAN can be just about any type of connectivity – private links included, and depending on your requirements you might only want to use private […]

15 March 2016
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Even a Hitman Sometimes Needs Peplink Bonded Cellular Connectivity

15 March 2016, Comments:  Comments

Real Life Hitman LTE Cellular Bonding Five days ago Real Life Hitman from Realm Pictures was released on YouTube, and follows what is fast becoming a massively successful series of awesome real life first (and now third) person interactive action games. The idea is elegantly genius, find a location with massive production value, fill it full of actors and set and clever interactive props and set pieces, weave in a storyline with interactive challenges and invite players to control the lead character and action live from remote locations. The end result is so beautiful and immersive and Realm Pictures have […]

27 January 2016
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Peplink as an IoT Connectivity Platform

27 January 2016, Comments:  Comments

When deploying IoT sensor networks in the enterprise things can get complicated fast. In this post I take a look at how Peplink Products and Technologies can act as the perfect enterprise IoT Connectivity Platform to simplify IoT Sensor network deployment and management. Peplink as an IoT Connectivity Platform Peplink devices and technologies can act as a complete connectivity platform for networks of IoT sensors as they are deployed both inside and outside of the enterprise. The platform enables secure, centrally managed, isolated IoT sensor overlay networks to be installed on top of existing physical network infrastructure. These overlay networks […]

9 November 2015
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Important: Free Performance Upgrades!

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With the relentless effort from our software engineers, we’ve been able to push the current Balance and MediaFast hardware platforms to achieve much higher throughput, up to 2.5 times more! We truly believe in long term support for our products. While the industry norm is to ask customers to upgrade their hardware all the time, we put our efforts into making our routers work simpler, faster and last longer. We hope you like it! Learn More The upgrade is available for most of our current generation Balance and MediaFast models running our latest 6.2.2 GA Firmware. Share and WinIf you […]

5 November 2015
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Singapore National Day Parade Case Study

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We’ve just released our National Day Parade case study and it’s one of the most relevant examples of successfully achieving large scale surveillance over bonded cellular connections. Other than that, we also got a peek into how the tiny MAX BR1 Slim enabled their Mobile Rider solution – effectively 4 streaming cameras fitted onto a self-balancing scooter – helped them reduce the number of CCTVs they needed to deploy to fixed locations. Here are some photos that didn’t make it onto the case study: And for those of your looking for more information regarding iT-DnS’s Mobile Rider solution, visit EcoRider.

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