To test the combined download speed of all WAN links, Peplink Balance Broadband Speed Test tool or a download manager can be used.

  • In Web Admin Interface, go to Network > Outbound Policy and select Custom.
    Custom rule

    By default, there is a Default (Auto) rule, edit the rule by choosing [Custom] to use “Weighted Balance” algorithm, which distributes traffic proportionately according to the downstream bandwidth of the active connections. Please make sure other rules with higher priorities will not override the Default (Auto) rule for HTTP traffic.


  • Note: The Peplink Balance Broadband Speed Test will download a file through HTTP Protocol (TCP Port 80). 
  • Double click and run the Peplink Balance Broadband Speed Test tool to test the broadband speed. You can choose to download from a list of sites, or you can select Custom URL and enter your download target in the field of URL.


    Click Start to begin the speed test. The Download Throughput will be shown as follows:


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