This section applies to 3G / EDGE / GPRS modem only. It does not apply to EVDO / EVDO Rev. A modem.

When the status of Mobile Internet keeps showing Connecting…, your APN settings might be incorrect and you can change it as follows.

Go to Network > Interfaces > WAN > Mobile Internet.

By default, Auto is selected and Peplink Balance should automatically detect the APN, configure the modem, and make connection.

To change settings, select Custom Mobile Operator Settings, and the following fields will be available.

  • APN – Specify APN of the service in which you would like to connect to.
  • Login ID – Provided by your service provider.
  • Password – Provided by your service provider.
  • Dial Number – Provided by your service provider.


Some service providers may charge a fee for connecting to a different APN. Please confirm the correct settings with your service provider before applying any changes.


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