importantIMPORTANT NOTES – Please Read Carefully Before Upgrading.

  • Please upgrade to Firmware 5.3.12 before upgrading to Firmware 5.4.

Release 5.4.9, May 28, 2013

Changes to Peplink Balance Firmware 5.4.9 since 5.4.7


  • Overall system stability
  • Local DNS proxy stability and performance
  • Client bandwidth usage display issue

Release 5.4.7, January 15, 2013

Changes to Peplink Balance Firmware 5.4.7 since 5.4.6


  • Push notification support for iOS/Android Router Utility app


  • Local DNS proxy stability
  • Stability of outbound policy by domain name

Release 5.4.6, September 27, 2012

Changes to Peplink Balance Firmware 5.4.6 since 5.3.12


  • System stability
  • CPU & memory utilization
  • IPsec stability
  • Web Admin stability


  • HTTP Health Check Timeout value is incorrectly shown as “5″ on Web Admin when WAN Setting form is loaded
  • DNS proxy: when a DNS resolver recovers, the proxy will connect to it with one WAN only

Release 5.3.12, February 24, 2012

Changes to Peplink Balance Firmware 5.3.12 since 5.3.9


  • DHCP Server: better handling on requests with IP conflict
  • Better web admin support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 9


  • Rare bug in Outbound Policy when using the Priority algorithm
  • SMTP Forwarding incorrectly forwarded requests sending from the Internet to WAN interfaces
  • IPsec: when LAN subnet was not selected in an IPsec profile, the IPsec connection could not establish


Release 5.3.9, September 1, 2011

Changes to Peplink Balance Firmware 5.3.9 since 5.2.2

New Features:

  • Added support for Sprint’s WiMAX modems 250U and U600
  • Added support for Verizon’s LTE modem UML290
  • Added IPsec support
  • NAT IP Pool in NAT Mapping
  • Show discovered clients’ device name in Client List page


  • Automatically fill in client name in the Client List
  • Improved overall system stability

Bug fixes:

  • Unable to send syslog to LAN
  • Real-time bandwidth usage page was not accessible by read-only user
  • Email Notification test does not send email to multiple recipients



Release 5.2.2, January 26, 2011

Changes to Peplink Balance Firmware 5.2.2 since 5.1.5

New Features:

  • Added optional Pre-shared Key setting in Site-to-Site VPN to provide additional control over VPN connections’ accessibility and security.
  • Authenticate Web Admin login by RADIUS server.
  • Name clients in Client List page.
  • Import DHCP Reservation from Client List.
  • Charts display in Real-Time, Daily and Monthly Bandwidth Usage reports.
  • Option to disconnect an idle Mobile Internet link and reconnect it on demand.
  • Added Device Lifetime Data Transferred figures.
  • Ability to disable fail-back in High Availability mode.


  • Compatibility with some Cisco IP phones.
  • Various web admin interface improvements.
  • Ability to disable DNS proxy server on LAN interface.
  • Ability to change SNMP server port number.
  • VPN bonding performance is further enhanced

Bug fixes:

  • The “Terminate Session on Link Recovery” option under the Default rule of Outbound Policy did not work.
  • PPTP session passing through the Peplink Balance may disconnect upon Site-to-Site VPN disconnection occurs.
  • When the Link Failure Detection Time in Site-to-Site VPN is set to Faster, the VPN connection might be unstable.
  • When some models of 3G modem is connected, the CPU load could become high.


Release 5.1.5, Jul 2, 2010

Changes to Peplink Balance Firmware 5.1.5 since 5.1.3


  • System memory optimization.

Bug Fixes:

  • Option to set port speed of LAN interface as “1000Mbps Full Duplex” is missing.


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